Official Guide To Setup Wick

We made this guide to help you setup Wick the right way and to ensure proper functionality. Each step displayed below has detailed information that'll give you tools to do what you need from Wick. We recommend going through all steps but if you are in a hurry, you can just go over the important steps.
This guide doesn't explain Wick in all details, it just helps you set up Wick properly. If you want to know everything about Wick, you'll need to check out the official documentation.
This guide is 98% done.

Add Wick to your server
Add the official bot to your server!

Add Standard Wick
Add Premium Wick

Sort Wick's role
Place Wick's own role at the top!

Set Wick's Statics
Set the main things Wick relies on!

Statics are things you set once for all and only comeback to once a month or so. Wick depends on these settings especially the Muted and Quarantine roles. If you only plan on setting the Muted and Quarantine roles only, then just skip this step since Wick will be making these two automatically when we are about to finish setting it up.
If you are not the Physical Server Owner but you want to set up Wick, the server owner needs to add you as an Extra Owner by doing w!statics [USER] ?add 11 where [USER] is replaced by your username, your mention or your ID.

Whitelist Stuff
Whitelist members, channels, roles, categories, webhooks, invites Wick shouldn't mess with.

Whitelisting your things is SUPER important in order to ensure proper service without any false positives.
Mention/Ping Spamming
Posting Discord Invite Links
Touching Quarantined Members
Mentioning @everyone and public roles

Anti Nuke
Tweak the way Wick watches your admins and mods!

The anti nuke is one of the most requested and important systems you can ever have on Discord. Luckily, it comes enabled by default. However, you need to tweak the CAPS and triggers yourself. So go over the categories below:
This step is not required. You can skip it if you are fine with the defaults.
Role Creations & Deletions
Channel Creations & Deletions
Webhook Creations & Deletions
Emoji Creations & Deletions

Join Gate
Set the best anti-raid gateway for new members joining your servers!

Wick has an awesome gate for new members joining your servers besides the verification system. This join gate has been so far the most efficient system blocking out raids and unwanted accounts. It also has several filters that you can tweak by following the categories below:
Accounts without Profile Pictures (No Avatars)
Minimum Accounts Age
Bots added to your server
Accounts with Invite Links as usernames
Unverified Bots added to your server
Suspicious Accounts
The joingate is enabled by default. If you don't want to use it, disable it globally by doing w!jg 1 ?off

Join Raid
Have Wick monitor your server joins and also invite links uses and block dangerous raids!

Make new members answer Wick's undetected captcha to join your server!

Auto Mod
Anti Spam, Anti Raid, Anti Invite Links, Anti NSFW, Anti Malicious Content and a lot more!

If you skipped the Whitelist section and you are here with an empty whitelist trying to setup the auto mod, go the hell back to whitelist!
The defaults are usually good as long as you have a proper whitelist.
Only the controversial things are covered here to have them addressed by you!
General Settings
You are here to setup Wick properly. If you are looking to get into more stuff about the heat system, you'll need to actually read the documentation.

Start Wick's auto setup
Have Wick setup the most demanding things automatically for you!

Sort Muted and Quarantine roles properly
Put Quarantine role right under Wick and place Muted above your regular members

Additional Settings
Set your own prefix and choose certain behaviors you'd prefer.

Final Tips
Some additional very useful things you should know about before using Wick.

Written by: fnAki#8646