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Wick Bot, the best Discord security bot!

Anti Nuke Secure your server and stop anyone from trying to nuke / wiz it!
Anti Raid & Spam Block raiders and mass spammers efficiently!
Verification Verify new members with Wick's undetectable captcha!
Moderation Have the best advanced yet easy moderation commands and an auto-mod at your service
And a lot more.... Try it to find out!

Reviews ( 100% Positive )

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It is a good bot
11 days ago Positive Review

idk it is a good anti nuke.

Real Good for what it does!
a month ago Positive Review

Wick is extremely underrated as it’s capabilities are far better than any other typical moderation bots. Keeping track of rogue admins is something that a usual Moderation Bot just won’t be able to do. I feel much more secure with Wick established!

Wick is pretty poggers
4 days ago Positive Review

Wick is very underrated and is very amazing. Kinda pog.

veryyyyy good
17 days ago Positive Review

i love wick bot, better than auttaja by miles

Love it
a month ago Positive Review

Amazing job to the devs for this bot! This is an amazing bot and I will put it in all my servers!

ᵢ Wₐₛ ₙₒₜ ₜₕₑ ᵢₘₚₒₛₜₑᵣ ඞ#5450
Wick is the best bot for moderation
a month ago Positive Review

I’ve used many discord bots for moderation but Wick takes things to another level. It’s so easy to use plus it does many things by its own.

Wick is daddy
a month ago Positive Review

I’ve been using Wick for over a year now. Without a joke, I’ve seen Wick stop over +100 nuke attempts in not just my server but even my friends servers. The best anti spam, You’ll be able to make your own spam filters with your own tweaks!

rm rf#0145
a month ago Positive Review

I’ve been using Wick for over a year now. Without a joke, I’ve seen Wick stop over +100 nuke attempts in not just my server but even my friends servers. The best anti spam, You’ll be able to make your own spam filters with your own tweaks!

Yago [24/7]#9434


Anti Nuke FREE

Wick is the very first bot on Discord that came up with the anti nuke concept. And it has been perfected over time and now it's an absolute beast that is still recieving improvements. Wick will protect your server from getting damaged. You will also be able to tweak the anti nuke filters to your liking!
Mass Kicks/Bans
If your admin decides to kick/ban your members and get rid of all the members you worked so hard to get, Wick will instantly stop them before any further and will add them to Quarantine until you are back
Mass Channel Deletions/Creations
A rogue admin can attempt at deleting all your server channels with all them nostalgic messages sent in them, or they can just mass create channels to flood your server. Worry not, Wick will not allow that!
Mass Role Deletions/Creations
Wick will punish anyone trying to deleting all your server roles or trying to mass create 200 roles to ruin your server!
Mass Webhooks Deletions/Creations PREMIUM
Webhooks are very dangerous. 10 webhooks only can turn your server into a living hell. Wick will monitor webhook creation/deletion to avoid any issue
Mass Emojis Deletions/Creations PREMIUM
Perhaps you have some precious emojis you dont want to have them deleted? Perhaps you have Global Emojis? Wick got you
Member Kicked
has been kicked by
Just PYUR.
10 seconds ago.
Member Kicked
has been kicked by
Just PYUR.
7 seconds ago.
Member Kicked
has been kicked by
Just PYUR.
just now.
Member Quarantined
Just PYUR.
has been quarantined by
just now.

Auto Mod FREE

Wick uses a special heat algorithm that will help you fight spammers without harming your regular members. It will silence any member trying to disturb your channels by spamming messages, spamming @mentions or sending Invite Links and a lot more!
Anti Spam
All types of spamming are monitored: Mentions spam, Regular message spam, repetitive message spam, emojis spam, walls of text spam, images/embeds spam and more
Anti Advertisement
You can make Wick punish members posting discord server invites of others servers! You can still also have your partnering channels!
Anti NSFW Websites
Wick has a large collection of regularly-updated NSFW websites. You can make Wick punish members posting NSFW links in non-NSFW channels!
Malicious Websites Prevention
Wick is very good at detecting Phishing links, IP-Grabbers and even some shortners.
Inactivity PREMIUM
Wick will make sure that your general channel once inactive becomes slow spam-free. People who try to outsmart the bot will be punished.
es Today at 12:51 AM
es Today at 12:51 AM
es Today at 12:51 AM
Wick Today at 12:51 AM
es has been silenced for 30m!
es#0009 | 737913175697129582

Verification FREE

Members joining need to first pass Wick's captcha before they can enter and chat in the server. Wick has a unique verification method that is very efficient at blocking out bots! You can also make it target everyone or just suspicious accounts!
You can make Wick verify any member joining or only members Wick finds <suspicious>!
Your members can be able to reverify after failing the initial verification anytime!
Quarantine Bots
You can make Wick add bots added to Quarantine until you are back! This is helpful to avoid nukes/raids.
Custom Captcha PREMIUM
You can customize the captcha to your liking! Build your own captcha!
Captcha Regeneration PREMIUM
If people really hate you, they can pay manual captcha solvers to bypass Wicks verification. This feature allows Wick to regenerate the captcha intervally before manual solvers can answer!
Wick Today at 12:51 AM
Hello! Are you human? Let's find out!
Please type the captcha below to be able to access this server:

Verification Period: 2 minutes
Salvi0 Today at 12:51 AM
Wick Today at 12:51 AM
@Salvi0, You have been verified!

Join Gate FREE

Setup some powerful walls for members join your server, filter anything you don't want and keep your server safe from threats!
New Accounts
You can make Wick deal with new accounts if you want. You get to decide how old an account should be in order to access your server and what Wick should do to those who dont meet this requirement.
Accounts without Avatars
You can filter out accounts that have no profile pictures set since they are mostly malicious.
Bot Additions PREMIUM
You can only allow few people to be able to add bots, any bot added by someone unauthorized will be dealt with automatically to ensure safety!
Unverified Bot Additions PREMIUM
You can always block bots that are unverified by Discord since they can be malicious.
Wick Today at 12:51 AM
Mabelyn has been kicked!
Member: Mabelyn#6256 [263791409436295168]
Reason: Account is too young.
[Only accounts older than 7 days are allowed]
More Details:
Member Direct Messaged?
Member Punished?

Panic Modes PREMIUM

Wick comes with two Panic Mode enhanced to handle rapid attacks from nuke scripts to raiding selfbots!
Anti Nuke Panic Mode
Wick will lockdown the server as soon as something bad starts happening. Wick will try to eliminate any threat and restore everything back to how it was!
Heat Panic Mode
If a raid starts happening, Wick will start instantly dealing with raiding accounts without touching your regular members!
Wick Today at 12:51 AM
Panic Mode Triggered! [Anti Nuke]
An abnormal behaviour has been detected!
Wick will lockdown the server and run a scan.
Panic Mode Report:
Case: 8KuPsd
Quarantined: 1 | 0
Just PYUR.#3822 [12 fragments]

Server Restore Report:

Latest Snippet of your server has been loaded successfully!


Wick will monitor ALL members joining your server. And it will also track all the invites in your server and which are being used. If an abnormal join behaviour is displayed, Wick will instantly punish everyone involved and will try to delete the invite links acting as a gateway to these raiders.
You can make Wick monitor all joins or just those related to accounts Wick finds suspicious!
Invites Monitoring
Wick keeps track of each and every invite used by members joining your server. If Wick is suspecting a raid, it will eliminate the invite link acting as a gateway to these raid accounts!
Wick Today at 12:51 AM
882 bytes
Join Raid System Triggered!
Invites Responsible:
discord.gg/8C972nY Deleted!
Maker: katemoon#2266
Action: Kick
Time: October 2nd 2020, 10:29:30 am

Quarantine FREE

Wick comes with a neat system called the Quarantine. Anyone in Quarantine is not able to do absolutely ANYTHING in your server, they can't even see your server channels. This is made specifically for your rogue mods/admins.
Quarantine Hold
No one can help save someone out of the Quarantine except you and your trusted admins. Anyone unauthorized trying to help a Quarantined member out will end up joining the Quarantine.
Strict Mode PREMIUM
You can make Wick punish your admins if they try to add a dangerous permission to ANY role in your server. If you finished setting up your server, enabling this is very awesome because no one will be able to mess around anymore!
Wick Today at 12:51 AM
Mabelyn#6256 has been quarantined!
Member: Mabelyn#6256 [263791409436295168]
Reason: Member added dangerous permissions to a role.
Logs: Added dangerous permissions to katemoon [395250833748656138]
More Details:
Member Direct Messaged?
Member Punished?
Public Role Cleansed?

.... and a lot more!!

Powerful Moderation Commands
You can do any moderation action possible using Wick. You can also target multiple members at once. All moderation commands are super advanced yet easy to use!
Super Customizable Whitelist
Wick comes with 5 whitelist types that allow you to build the perfect automod and security system. You can whitelist any element (member, channel, role, category, webhook and even an invite) aswell.
Super Customizable Behaviour
You can set your own prefix, you can tell Wick to make its message compact, you can tell Wick to delete its warning, you can pretty much make Wick behave the way you want!
Detailed Logging
Wick will give you most details possible related to every single action it does!

Should you trust Wick?

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