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Discord is a popular social platform where people gather, create and participate in communities dedicated to their interests. And there is always a risk of parts trying to ruin others' fun. Admins and mods sabotaging servers by nuking it, users raiding servers and breaking Discord ToS.

That's where Wick comes in. Wick will prevent any kind of raid or nuke from happening. Not only that, but Wick will continuously monitor users for any suspicious content they might try to send (malicious, phishing, ip-grabbing, nsfw, advertising links).

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Frequently Asked Questions

You can add Wick by clicking here. Make sure Wick has all the permissions it needs.

Run the command w!config and you will get a panel with most settings. Type w!config help to know more. Keep in mind that a Muted role is needed for Wick to punish someone and Wick's role should be higher than roles you want monitored.

Run the command w!config and you will see few systems with an "Action" in their settings.

Run the command w!whitelist show. The elements shown are the ones Wick ignores (except when it comes to nuking).
If you want to whitelist a user, use the command w!whitelist user userName/userTag/userID/userMention.
If you want to whitelist a channel, use the command w!whitelist channel channelName/channelID/channelMention.
If you want to whitelist a role, use the command w!whitelist role roleName/roleID/roleMention.
Premium users can also whitelist webhooks, use the command w!whitelist webhook webhookLink/webhookID.

You can get premium by becoming a patron. Please visit our PATREON PAGE.

Run the command w!config. Most systems have "Status", simply do w!config systemNumber a 1/0 where 0 means disable and 1 enable.

Run the command w!spam help. Keep in mind that only premium users can edit anti-raid/spam's settings.

Run the command w!nuke help. Keep in mind that only premium users can edit anti-nuke's settings.

Anti-Nuke: Anti-nuke is a system that monitors activity happening in your server. If an abnormal behaviour is shown (like mass deletion of roles and channels, mass kicking and banning), Wick will instantly strip away the admin/mod from their roles as a precaution.
Anti-Raid/Spam: This system simply denies raiders. It takes into consideration several factors before determing whether the user is suspicious or not, then it acts based one that. Suspicious users are noticeable by normal people, they are accounts generally new, generally without a profile picture. Wick adds to that Global Ban Status, Nitro status and more. Wick will instantly mute/ban/kick the suspicious user. No strikes given at all. And it will clean up the mess made. For premium, there are a lot more systems programmed to ensure maximum security.
Anti-NSFW: Wick will monitor users posting links. If an nsfw link (that Wick is aware of) is posted in a safe-for-work channel, Wick will either mute, kick or ban (depends on how you set it) the user.
Anti-ADV: Wick will stop any user trying to post invite links in your server.
Anti-MALICIOUS: Wick will stop any user from posting malicious, phishing, ip-grabbing domain Wick is aware of.
JoinAge: Wick will ban/kick any user account younger than what's set.
On-Join: Wick will change the name of any user with a malicious username when they join the server.
Verification: Wick will verify suspicious users in an easy simple yet effective method to make sure they are not bots.
Persistent Mute: If a user leaves a server while muted, they will be instantly muted the moment they join back.
Fake Everyone: Wick will create a fake @everyone role that overrides the actual one. It will mute/kick/ban users that mention it.
JoinRaid: This is the newest anti-raid system programmed. It simply predicts whether a raid is about to happen or not. If x suspicious users join in x time, Wick will ban/kick these suspicious users and try to find the responsible invite link and eliminate it. Normal users are not harmed.